Contents, N5, 2016

Control Systems and Computers, N 5 (265), 2016

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The 80th Birthday Anniversary Academician I.V. Sergienko

The Fundamental and Applied Problems of Information Science and Information Technologies 

Danilin A.N., Komyak V.V., Komyak V.M., Рankratov A.V. The Ellipses Packing in a Rectangle of the Minimal Size. pp. 3-9.

Revunova E.G. Recovering Signals Obtained by Indirect Measurements Based on Truncated Singular Value Decomposition and Random Projection. pp. 10-24.

Kryvtsun Ye.V. Evolutionary-Fragmentary Algorithm of Finding the Minimal Axiom Set. pp. 25-31.

Sherman Z.A. Square Sum Labeling of Some Graphs. pp. 32-36.

Informatics Hardware Facilities

Jakovlev Yu.S. Application of Interface PCI-Express for Computer Systems with Usage PLIS Construction. pp. 37-46.

Perlov Ye.F. Some Aspects of the Dynamics of the Transient Rotary Operating Element Under the Influence of the Elastic Forces. pp. 47-53.

Intellectual Informational Technologies and Systems

Gritsenko V.I., Timashova L.A. «Smart Enterprise» as a Basic Object of the Digital Economy. pp. 54-61.

The Methods and Means of Data and Knowledge Processing

Oursatyev A.A. Some Frameworks for Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning. pp. 62-75.

Bodyanskiy Ye.V., Vynokurova O.А., Kobylin I.O., Mulesa P.P. Robust Adaptive Identification of Non-Stationary Time Series Using Ensemble of Tuning Hybrid Adaptive Models. pp. 76-83.

Program Engineering and Software

Glybovets А.N., Dmytruk Ya.O. The Effectiveness of Programming Languages in the Apache Hadoop MapReduce Framework. pp. 84-92.

Our Authors. pp. 95