Control Systems and Computers, N6, 2016, Article 2

Upr. sist. maš., 2016, Issue 6 (266), pp. 3-15.

UDC 510.63

B.Ye. Rytsar, Doctor Sc., Professor, Department of Radioelectronic Devices Systems, Institute of Telecommunications, Radioelectronics and Electronic Engineering, L’viv polytechnic National University, Ad.: Bandera srt., 12, L’viv, Ukraine, e-mail:

A Simple Numeric Set-Theoretical Method of the Logic Differential Calculus

A new method of the logic differential calculus, based on the numeric set-theoretical approach for the definition of the different logic derivatives types of the arbitrary order for Boolean function is proposed. The given algorithm has relatively less computational complexity due to the lower amount of the operations required for solving the given problem. This is proved in the given examples borrowed from the well-known publications, in order to compare them with the proposed numeric set-theoretic method to obtain the different types of logic derivatives of arbitrary order.

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Keywords: minimization of the variables number, logic function, Boolean function, method of logical differential calculus.

Received 12.09.2016